TOKI is a group comprised of two recent architecture graduates. Through our work, we strive to temporarily alter the perception of public space through establishing rhythm, movement, transparency, and ephemerality. We aim to create engaging, occupiable, and flexible spaces that allow viewers to create their own experiences. 

Our initial decision to create this series was more impulsive than planned, and influenced by the desire to express music three-dimesionally. These creations allow us to represent the sounds of music as physical worlds. They start with lines of distinct colors and the more you immerse yourself in the rhythm, the more the lines begin to blend, and the more you surrender to the symphony of color. Similar to music, the spaces we create allow you to slip between worlds, to be in two places simultaneously. 


Typically, a piece takes 2-3 days to complete. For this series, our material of choice is primarily yarn, but sometimes includes nails and wood for the structure. During the first piece we created, the public was engaged throughout the entire process and people were able to watch the piece take form throughout a span of three days. The second piece however, was in a less visible location engaging the viewer on an urban exploration and eliciting a sense of wonder. During our process of creation, we operate within the confines and nature of the given space so that each installation is integral to its site. 

In addition to our public installations, we enjoy creating digital art work and experimenting with different mediums. We plan to continue adding to the series, explore other ideas that ignite our curiosity, and expand upon our love of music, space, and architecture.

Toluwalase Rufai & Khai Grubbs




"Their collective works aim to alter the perception of public spaces through the establishment of rhythm, movement, transparency, and ephemerality."


"The Synth Series begins with a colorful creation, made from yarn, that represents the sounds of music in a physical form."


"Excited to be sharing the impetus and inspiration behind this renegade D.C. art installation..."



"A breeze blows through this skeleton of a building, most windows long broken out. Three stories up, strings of yarn give vibrance and life to a shell of a space."

"...creating an Instagram-worthy piece that’s meant to make visitors think about sound and the perception of public space."
"It’s part Tron and part Interstellar and no matter how you cut it, it’s a visit  worth your time."


"...This human motion gives a final interpretation of the energy felt by these vibrant geometric works of art."